How-To Video: Subscription License Activation

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017 07:33AM EDT

Watch this video for Subscription License Activation. If you have a single (individual) license, view the Single License Activation video.

How to activate your Better Faster subscription license within Outlook.

  1. The first person to activate this product must be the license manager for your team.
  2. License Management instructions will be sent to the first person to activate this product.
  3. Copy the Activation Code from your order confirmation email.
  4. Click the Better Faster product ribbon and then click Help.
  5. Click the Activate button.
  6. Paste the Activation Code from your order confirmation email.
  7. Click Activate.
  8. Enter your email address.
  9. Enter an Activation Code Password and then re-enter your Password.
  10. This password will be shared with each team member that will use this product.
  11. Make sure your passwords match.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Your Better Faster product is now activated.
  14. Click OK to finish.
  15. Click Help and then click About to view your license and status.
  16. Click “Email License to Team” to send activation steps to your team members.
  17. This will include the required License Activation Code and Password.
  18. Enter recipient email addresses and click Send.
  19. Manage your license, password and email with License Manager.
  20. As the License Manager, you will create an Admin password.
  21. After first activation the license manager will receive an email with instructions.
  22. Copy the License Activation Code from the License Manager email.
  23. Click the License Manager link.
  24. Paste the License Activation Code.
  25. Enter the same password you used to activate the product.
  26. Click View License.
  27. Copy & paste the Confirmation Key from the License Manager email.
  28. Create an ADMIN password and click Submit.
  29. Now you may use License Manager to manage active seats.
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